[Glade-users] Where to install *.glade file?

Brian Wagener wrote:

I am making a libglade app, and don't really know where I should install
it.  And how do I find it in my application.  Anyone know?

I think you normally install the XML files somewhere beneath $datadir.

Evolution does something like this (in the Makefile.am):

gladedir = $(datadir)/evolution/glade

INCLUDES =                                              \

glade_DATA =                    \
        alarm-notify.glade      \
        cal-prefs-dialog.glade  \

glade_messages =                        \
        alarm-notify.glade.h            \
        cal-prefs-dialog.glade.h        \

EXTRA_DIST =                    \
        $(glade_DATA)           \

As you can see, it defines EVOLUTION_GLADEDIR when compiling so you use
this to find the XML files in the app, e.g.

        xml = glade_xml_new (EVOLUTION_GLADEDIR "/event-editor-dialog.glade", NULL);


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