[Glade-users] ? on lookup widget(...)

I don't know how to use this 100%, but this is what I do to get it to 
work.  Maybe someone else could chime in to get a complete understanding.

Lets say your in a button clicked fuction. and you wanted to lookup a 
widget that was on the same window as the button.  Let let a label named 

button_clicked            (GtkButton    *button,
                                    gpointer        user_data)
GtkWidget * example = lookup_widget (GTK_WIDGET(button), "label99");

know you can use 'example' to refere to the label99.  I useally use the 
same name so I don't confuse myself.

I don't know how to refere to other widdgets outside the window though. 
 I sure it can be done, but...

good luck,


Huang, Mike wrote:


Can someone help me with usage of lookup_widget(GtkWidget *widget, const
gchar *widget_name)? I don't quite understand the first parameter. Is it the
pointer to the parent widget who contains the child widget (here represented
by *widget_name) for which we want to get its pointer? And if it is, why?

Mike Huang  

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