[Glade-users] How to mix c and c++ in glade-0.5.5 ?

If you want to intermix at some degree,
you might want to export as c and cpp
in two separate passes. then pick each
file of the tree that you like. You might
need some more or less intense manual efforts 
for mixing the initialisation parts.

thats just my 2cents.

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perhaps glade-- can accsee it,but in glade-0.5.5 ,are  there 
any options
to set in configure files to access it?
I composed a test class----class test{....} ,just to print a message
when a button was pressed,but I met :parse error before test.....
but before "test",there is only "class" and "#include<...>".
what should I do?
thanx in advance.

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