[Glade-users] Textbox contents and saving.

"O. de Zwart" wrote:
Hello, I am writing a editor and I wondered how I can save the contents
of a textbox to a file. I don;t see the textbox mentioned in the
tutorial and I wondered if there are any alternatives because the
textbox seems so limeted. I would like to scroll to the right and
include syntax highlighting.

I couldn't figure out what a "textbox" was at first, so I started Glade
up and found it on the palette.  After saving the project, I found that
what Glade calls a Text Box is a GtkText widget inside a
GtkScrolledWindow widget.

So you should be looking for information on the GtkText widget, not a
text box.  Check the tutorial again.  Read the file
/usr/include/gtk/gtktext.h for other features.  Adjust the
characteristics of the GtkScrolledWindow to get a horizontal scroll
bar.  See the other functions in gtktext.h for colouring and font

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