[Glade-users] libglade : control of gnome property box

St�phane Genaud wrote:

i'd like to use a gnome property box, as proposed in glade 0.5.7,
with libglade.
However, i don't know how to control it since the OK, Cancel, Apply
are totally opaque, i.e. theirs names do not seem to appear anywhere in
the glade UI. So what callbacks are triggered when the user presses ok,
cancel, etc...

I've never used it, but it looks like you connect to the 'Apply' signal
of the GnomePropertyBox widget. From the docs (which should be available
somewhere on http://developer.gnome.org):

    The widget emits two signals: "apply" and "help".  To make a
    functional dialog box you will want to connect to at least the
    "apply" signal. Your function will be invoked once for each page
    and one more time at the end, passing a special value of -1 for
    the page number.


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