[Glade-users] glade --write-source

Dave Peticolas wrote:

When I use glade --write-source <gladefile> I get

** CRITICAL **: file utils.c: line 1553 (glade_util_directories_equivalent): assertion `g_path_is_absolute 
(dir1)' failed.

** CRITICAL **: file utils.c: line 1512 (glade_util_directory_contains_file): assertion `g_path_is_absolute 
(dir)' failed.

and the source is not written.

If I provide an absolute path to the gladefile, it works fine.
Is this behavior intentional? If so, why?

I think it was a bug in 0.5.9, which is fixed in CVS.

I'll do a new release in the next week or so.


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