[Glade-users] error message caused by interaction between Glade and gnome macro

Hi glade-users,

I'm new to X windows programming and am attempting to learn Glade, GNOME,
and GTK all at once 8o)

I used Glade(with gnome support on) to create a simple app (much like the
"hello world" app in the gnome tutorial) and I edited
interface.c (which Glade generated) to add the GNOMEUIINFO_HELP macro to my
help menu.  It compiles and works, but when the app starts, it yields two

Gtk-CRITICAL **: file gtkwidget.c line 4863 (gtk_widget_ref): assertion
'widget != NULL' failed.

GLib-CRITICAL **: file gdataset.c line 359 (g_datalist_id_set_data_full):
assertion 'destroy_func == NULL' failed.

I've used this macro in the gnome app I created outside of Glade.  Can
anybody try it and see it they know what's wrong?

Steven Friedrich
DynTel Corporation
Unit One, Box 611
Bldg 64 - NW Corner
Crane, IN  47522

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