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montse wrote:

Hello every body:

I have a help button, i want it to open a help.html document in netscape
I have seen in gnome stock a hlink widget, i want the same but with a
It is posible???

You need a gnome_href to do that : in the following sample code,
i set a new href and add it into the "Gnome about" window.
This results in a href link that shows up under the Authors field.
I guess i could have used "file:" instead of the "http:" protocol.

GtkWidget *my_url= 
          gnome_href_new ("http://mysite/help.html/",_("Show the web
  gtk_widget_show (my_url);
  gtk_box_pack_start (GTK_BOX ((GNOME_DIALOG (about))->vbox),
                          my_url, FALSE, FALSE, 0);


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