[Glade-users] vbox in scrolled window...

"James K. Wiggs" wrote:


   I have a fairly complex input GUI that I've built, which consists of a
top-level GtkVBox filled with a bunch of nested frames, vboxes, hboxes,
and assorted entry and button widgets.  The whole thing is supposed to go
inside a page of a notebook, and to try to keep the overall size of the
window reasonable, I've nested it inside a scrolled window.  The problem
is that the scrolled window doesn't "scroll".  The vertical scrolling was
set to "Always" and the horizontal to "Automatic" when I built the thing
in Glade, but when I compile and run the app, what I get is a scrolled
window which acts like it is showing all of its contents (the adjust bar
is the same height as the window) but in fact only about half of the GUI
is actually visible.  I have to expand the window in the y-direction to
get the entire GUI visible.  What's up?  The Glade-produced code for this
window is several thousand lines, so I'm obviously not going to post it
unless it's absolutely necessary.  Given the information I *have*
provided, can anyone suggest possible causes of this behavior?  I can post
code snippets, etc., if requested...

If you gzip the XML file and send it to me I'll have a look.

(You do have a GtkViewport inside the scrolled window, don't you?)


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