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Ok...Thanks... now I can go on with further quesitons.
Suppose I have finished developing the User Interface... is there any way to
place the code for each callback with glade or will I have to place them
using a text editor? If I must place them using a text editor... do I only
have to write the callbacks on the callbacks.c file (of course, after
connecting the signal)??

Thanks a lot,

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1. Run the ./autogen.sh, then ./configure and make

2. Not directly from, you do all in Glade up to the Build Source command

3. I would highly recommend you split up the files, it really makes it
one big file is tedious to read if you wanna make a real application!

Nicolas Raitman wrote:

Hi to all! I have a good experience in GTK+ but I am new to Glade. To
I have one question... suppose that I am developing an application. I
realized that Glade divides it in three (or four..it does not matter)
main.c interface.c and callbacks.c

* how can I compile those files to test them on my machine? I mean, I
compile as I would compile and single-filed gtk application??

* can I execute the project from glade? If yes... how?

* can I make all the project in just one file, I mean, by changing the
output file for callbacks, interfaces, etc to one file?? If yes... how?

Well... that's all for now...
Thanks a lot!

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