[Glade-users] Question about gtk_widget pixmap and imlib

from: Carniel Alessandro

Trieste Italy

email: sandro carniel it

I need to know how is possible using glade to create a pixmap end substituite the pixmap 
inside in a second time using Imlib or others ......(stupid question ?)

Glade create a  function  named  "create_pixmap " in support.c   and than ????? 

  the function  create a gtk_pixmap but it return a GtkWidget ..... 
  and where is the gtkpixmap pointer  or gdkpixmap ? is lost ? 

  How is possible to find the pointer when the program is out of this function ?
   your code  in support.c 

  pixmap = gtk_pixmap_new (gdkpixmap, mask);
  gdk_pixmap_unref (gdkpixmap);
  gdk_bitmap_unref (mask);
  return pixmap;

Thank in advance Sandro

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