[Glade-users] CList question

Hi all,

Suppose you have a CList, which holds the name of the child processes 
created. As they are terminated, you want to remove them from the CList.

When a child is terminated, we can get its pid from SIGCHLD handler function 
then find which row it is in and remove that row from the CList *only* if we 
had a way to pass this pid into a function where I can have an access to 
that CList.

So, this problem/question can be generalised as well. How can we get a hold 
of to some widgets if there is no way to use the lookup_widget function 
--simply because we want to be able to change a state of a widget after 
receiving sometype of a signal other than GTK signals (like SIGALRM, 
SIGCHLD...) and no widgets have been passed to signal handler functions.

I hope I was clear.

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