[Glade-users] using images in glade2


I've got a glade2 project and I created a Splash window, which just
displays an image for starting up and hides it again once it's all
loaded up.

All I did was to create the window, in the container add an image, the
properties shows it to be a GtkImage object and I've set the icon (funny
name for an image isnt it, is this a bug which is getting fixed,
terminology issues like this can throw people off) to an image I have on
the disk, which is located in the applications data subdir


is the file I've added to my project, something that I dont think is
quite right with glade is that from the executables pov, the image is


but from glade, that might be


so how exactly is it going to generate correct code?

anyway, when I run the application, it doesnt show, it tells me it can't
find pixmap splash.png

so anyone know why this would be?


Evil Kosh <evil_kosh_uk yahoo co uk>

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