[Glade-users] freezing an entire window + search algorithms for clist

Does anybody know how to "freeze " a window? I have a main window, which
opens dialogs. If I click the window's button more than once, it will
open more than one dialog. Is it possible to freeze the main window
while the other window is open, so it doesn't receive any signals?

Another thing i need help with is the clist.
when I was reading /usr/include/gtk/gtkclist.h, i found only one search
prototyped like this:
gint gtk_clist_find_row_from_data (GtkCList *clist,
                                   gpointer  data);
and with this description:
/* givin a data pointer, find the first (and hopefully only!)
 * row that points to that data, or -1 if none do
I cant find a way here to find multiple ocurrences of a search. Is there
any other
function that does find more than one match, or I will have to do this

and the last one:
Whats the prototype for GdkColor? i cant find it. Sorry for those
questions, but I am new to GTK and C.

Thanks in advance,


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