[Glade-users] H and V Paned

  I have a question whose answer has completely eluded me. What I want
to do is create 3 panes side by side horizontally (across the screen
from left to right). My desired is that they open at a set size (no
problem) and can size down to a min setting (no problem) but now here is

where my problem comes in. I want end user to be able to utilize to
widen these panes. If I manually widen the left pane the right one goes
off the window to the right (shoved by the center). If the window is
maximized results are unpredictable. Here is what I would like:

User maxs the window the left and right stay at width they were set to
either by the user or by the opening settings with preference to user
settings and only the center area grows in width.

Same for shrinking the window but in reverse

When the left pane is adjusted for width it grows/shrinks only the
center section is affected. Same for the right which appears to be doing

that by default.

Any ideas on what direction I should be looking in?


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