[Glade-users] Glade Makefile (.a files)

Matt Hillebrand wrote:
Sorry, I just joined the group last night :)

Ah, you need "Archives".

How do I specify my own library archives (.a files) in my Glade
App. Makefile? Thanks,

It's just a Makefile.  Check the documentation for make, automake,
autoconf, and aclocal.  As I understand it, you edit the Makefile.am,
adding your stuff, and then automake makes Makefile.in, autoconf uses it
in the generated configure script to write Makefile, which make uses to

For example, I needed an object file included from somewhere else, so I
edited Makefile.am ...

project_LDADD = @GTK_LIBS@ ../ntserv/data.o 

Where "project" is the program being built.

(from the Netrek server administration GUI program "gum").

James Cameron                                      (cameron stl dec com)

Not the Director of Titanic, but he had his name before I did.

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