[Glade-users] GnomeFontPicker callback...


   I'm using Glade 0.5.9, and I've built a GnomePropertyBox
which includes several GnomeFontPicker widgets.  Unfortunately,
the generated code for the font_set callback causes parse errors.

   Here is the generated callback prototype:

actslx_ChartProperties_font_set    (GnomeFontPicker *gnomefontpicker,
                                    GtkString        arg1,
                                    gpointer         user_data);

   Which causes a parse error when it gets to GtkString.  I've gone
through and checked and double-checked the library codes, and there
does not appear to *be* a GtkString type defined *anywhere*.  What
should be getting passed as the 2nd parameter in this callback?

Jim Wiggs

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