[Glade-users] How can I link between objects ?

You don't do that in glade.
What you have to do is go to de object propertis windows, then you select the
signals you want for that object in the signals page.
When you pres the build buton, a source file called callbacks.c is created were
a function for each signal you choused is created. You can add code in there to
tell the program what do you want it to do when you press the button.
If you add new objects and new signals to your proyect, this file wont be
overwrited, just the new signasl will be added, but everything you added will be

El dom, 03 dic 2000 13:55:04 "Shbieta, Sarhan" escribi�:
My name is Serhan, and I have a question about how to use GLADE.
When I choose a main window for example and add there a button and I want a
simple thing...
When I click the button , I want something to happen, the question is:
Where I tell the application to do something when I click this button for
example ?

Thanks in advance

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