Glade + gtkmm custom widgets : custom properties


By reading the docs, I can layout a UI with a custom gtkmm widget like this:

<glade-widget-class name="gtkmm__CustomObject_widget_time" since="0.2" generic-name="time" title="Time" parent="GtkEntry" toplevel="false" default-width="100" />

in a custom catalog.
However, I don't know how can I let Glade users set custom properties. I tried an example from docs:

        <property id="type" name="type" default="FOO_FROBNICATE_RED" query="true" save="true" visible="true" tooltip="Test tooltip" save-always="true">
            <value id="FOO_FROBNICATE_RED" name="Red"/>
            <value id="FOO_FROBNICATE_BLUE" name="Blue"/>

but it didn't work...

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