[Glade-devel] Name vs. ID


I think I've found a bug in Glade (at least in version 3.12.1; I cannot
test newer versions quickly, since newer versions don't run and cannot
be compiled on Debian Stable). But before filling a bugreport, I would
like to discuss the issue here:

- In the properties-window of Glade (tab "General", 1st entry), I can set a
  "Name" for each widget, e.g. "my_button".
  So, I would assume that this is the name of the widget.

- But, in the stored XML-file, this "Name" is not used as widget-name,
  but as widget-id, and no name-property is set:

  <object class="GtkButton" id="my_button">

  I would have expected:

  <object class="GtkButton" id="some_id">
    <property name="name">my_button</property>

This is especially problematic since (a) the names "name" and "id" are
confused here, and (b) the name-property is used in GTK+ for themeing/CSS.
I'm currently using a workaround to fix this, but this seems wrong:

   for f in builder.get_objects():

Is this a known bug, has it already been resolved, or is there some
reason for this weird behaviour?

I would propose to use one of the following fixes:

(a) Add a name-property to each widget in the XML-file, containing
    the widget-name.
(b) Change the label "Name:" to "ID:" in the Glade-properties-window,
    and maybe add a field "Name:" to  the properties-window, which sets
    the name-property in the XML-file.


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