[Glade-devel] Why Glade 3 removes unknown elements

On Fri, 2013-03-22 at 23:08 +0900, Tristan Van Berkom wrote:
Right... that's the last Glade which supports GTK+2.x

Actually Glade >= 3.10 can be used for projects targeting GTK+2 but special
care needs to be taken to avoid using any widgets that are new in GTK+3.

The main reason Glade 3.10 does not support GTK+2 is because Glade >= 3.10
needs to link against GTK+ 3 to provide new widgets and features...

This basically means that Glade >= 3.10 does not have any support for the
removed types which were already deprecated in GTK+ 2.24 (anything
from GTK+2 that is not included in GTK+3, Glade >= 3.10 does not support).

The feature you are looking for was only ever added to Glade as of 3.14.0
(I searched for it and found it in these notes:

Since 3.8.x is intended to be supported in the long(ish) term, we do fix bugs
in 3.8 because people need it to work on GTK+2 projects, introducing such
a feature into 3.8 is a kindof grey area (we don't intend to add features to
Glade 3.8.x, just fix bugs, but this feature is perhaps worth backporting).

Ops my bad, I just made a new release glade 3.8.4 and forgot I had a
backport of this feature in my stash I will push it ASAP so you can try


Juan Pablo

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