[Glade-devel] Glade 3.14.0 Released!

On 10/12/2012 04:11 PM, Ildar Mulyukov wrote:
On 12.10.2012 12:44:54, Tristan Van Berkom wrote:
On 10/12/2012 03:26 PM, Ildar Mulyukov wrote:
On 20.09.2012 01:35:05, Juan Pablo Ugarte wrote:
Glade 3.14 is the first release of the new stable series.

I just built 3.14 and see that Stock Button combo is disabled. Why?

   It seems this is a problem introduced later in the 3.12 cycle,
can you test something for me ?
Since you are building from source, try this:
  o edit plugins/gtk+/gtk+.xml.in
  o find xml tags which say <property id="use-action-appearance" ... />
  o add to those properties default="False", so it then looks like:
    <property id="use-action-appearance" default="False" ... />
    (while keeping the rest of the "..." in tact of course)
  o rebuild and install.

Does the problem go away ?

Thanks for trying this out while I've been busy, I had a hunch
that was the problem and I'll see that this gets fixed in relevant


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