[Glade-devel] opening glade2 file on ubuntu 11.10

On Sat, 2012-01-14 at 20:32 +0100, Saku Masukita wrote:


Sorry to bother you again about this issue. I am using glade 3.10.0 on
Ubuntu 11.10.
I am working on an open source project where I have a large glade file
which I have
converted from glade 2 to glade 3. Now most of it displays fine in
glade 3 but when I try
to save it I get the following long list of errors. Any idea of
whether they are benign or
not and how I can make them go away if possible?

Those messages are there to help you catch any widgets that will
not be available on the target machines where you intend to distribute
your application.

Since you converted from Glade 2, I assume your target is a very
old version of GTK+.

To get rid of the warnings, open the Project Properties dialog
(File->Properties, or in older versions of Glade Edit->Preferences)
and set your target to a version that is >= 2.16).

Note that if your application requires GTK+2 and not GTK+3, then
you should stick with Glade 3.8, Glade 3.10 is intended for
GTK+3 projects only and will give you access to some widgets
that are not available in GTK+2.

Note also that Glade 3.8 and Glade 3.10 are parallel installable.


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