[Glade-devel] [GSoC] Project Idea: GBinding support for GtkBuilder / Glade


My name is Denis Washington and I am a first-semester Computer Science 
student at the Humboldt University Berlin, Germany. Being a student now, 
I would love to finally participate in this year's Google Summer of 
Code. Therefore, I'd like to present you my project idea and am asking 
you whether you find it to be viable for GSoC (and if someone would like 
to mentor me):

With the GBinding facility introduced in GLib 2.26, it is possible to 
declare bindings between two specified GObject instance properties; that 
is, whenever the "source" property's value is changed, the "target" 
property is updated accordingly. Unfortunately, while this is very handy 
for declaratively define several kinds of basic UI interactions (e.g., 
toggling the sensitivity of a group of settings widgets according to the 
state of a master on/off switch), there is no support for embedding 
GBindings in GtkBuiler files. My idea is to change that. Specifically, I 
want to do the following:

* GTK+: Define a GtkBuilder syntax for property bindings and add support 
for reading it to GtkBuilder.
* Glade: Add support for graphically defining property bindings,

What do you think of this idea? Do you think it is big enough in scope 
to be a Summer of Code project? I very much appreciate any feedback!

Best regards,
Denis Washington

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