[Glade-devel] GObject property binding support in Glade - Weekly Report 03

(This is a copy of the weekly GSoC report I sent to gnome-soc-list.)


My Glade "gbinding" branch received a lot of work this week. Much of 
this is fixing bugs and memory leaks, but I have also implemented the 
first actually user-visible bits to the Glade UI:

* When a GtkBuilder file with property binding definitions is opened,
   these bindings actually come to effect in the Glade workspace, that
   is, changing the value of a source property automatically updates
   the binding's target property accordingly.

* The inspector now indicates whether a property is the target of a
   binding and disables its value editing controls in this case.
   Also, the property's tooltip shows which property and object it is
   bound to.

So all in all, Glade gives you complete read-only access to the bindings
defined in a GtkBuilder file now.

My next task will be to make the creation and editing of property 
bindings within Glade possible. This will involve the integration of 
corresponding commands into Glade's undo/redo system and a minimal UI 
for invoking them (among other subtasks that I have yet to discover ;).

Screenshots and short testing instructions can be found on my today's 
blog post [1].

Denis Washington


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