[Glade-devel] Implementation plan for the preview feature

I've been talking to Tristan on IRC about the implementation plan for
the preview feature. We decided some points:
  - GladePreview will be a separeted GObject class.
  - GladePreview will store a pointer to the topmost widget it is
currently previewing (and there will be only one preview per topmost
  - GladeProject will keep a list of GladePreview of the current project.
  - GladeProject will notify its list of GladePreview whenever there
is a change to the project (so that the previews can be updated).
  - Some corner cases should be treated later. These corner cases are:
when a widget is "cut" or when it "loses"/"gains" parent.
  - GladePreview should be destroyed if the widget it is previewing is
removed from project.

That's it. Objections? Comments? Recommendations?

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