[Glade-devel] Signal editor rework

Hi Tristan!

  - Firstly I can see you went and implemented the GtkTreeIter->stamp a
bit more
    robustly than in GladeProject, additionally the code needs to assert
    any input iter: (iter->stamp == model->priv->stamp). I've already
done this for
    GladeProject and will commit that soon (it helped alot to debug...
    I could still not completely solve bug 627078 and have not
committed that yet,
    I'll commit the checking code now regardless).

I filed bug https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=623879 for that
some time ago to also fix it in GladeProject. But you might be right that
we might want to check it with an assertion.

  - Can you explain why the model->priv->stamp must be incremented
when the overall
    model data changes ? (it could be that GladeProject needs this
treatment too... or
    that the model's stamp should not change... I'm not sure).

IMHO the gtk+ documentation says that an iter is only valid as long as the
model doesn't change. If you can assure that the iter is valid after a
change you might not need it but when a node is deleted, the iter of that
node definitly becomes invalid. I think it's good to catch those things
with an assertion before running into a memory corruption.

  - The iter->stamp should be initialized to something random,
otherwise every model
    starts with stamp == 0 (possibly making the iter from the last
destroyed signal model
    appear "valid")

I wasn't assuming that someone would use an iter on a wrong model but if
we want to catch that case we might want to start which a random number. I
think we should check what GtkTreeStore does.

  - I would prefer we stick with firing Glade's generic object
selection dialog to select
    the project object for a signal user data - I dont like the idea
of navigating recursive menus
    or dropping down a combo box with a possible > 1000 objects to select.

Yeah, I will change that. I just was easy to implement for now but the UI
is satisfying at all.

Just some additional note: The dnd code currently uses the old gdk_drawing
funtions that have been removed from gtk+. I didn't have the time to
change that as I didn't fully understood how to do that in cairo. But it
shouldn't be a big deal.


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