[Glade-devel] Troubles on catalogs installation

Hi all,

as suggested by the documentation [0], the glade catalogs should
be installed in `pkg-config --variable=catalogdir gladeui-1.0`.
This will hardcode a directory in the build system, preventing a
clean VPATH build and related stuff, such as the installation of
a package in the $HOME of a user without enough privilege to
access the catalog directory.

Actually I'm using a dirty hack at configure time that substitutes
the datarootdir of gladeui with the datarootdir of my package,
something like this:

mycatalogdir=`echo "$catalogdir"|sed -e "s|^$datarootdir|\$mydatarootdir|" -`

but I'm wondering if there is a clean approach or if this is
a known issue and there are some plans to address it.

Thank you.

[0] http://library.gnome.org/devel/gladeui/stable/catalogintro.html

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