[Glade-devel] Fixed layout

On Thu, Oct 1, 2009 at 4:06 PM, Patrick Hallinan
<patrick.j.hallinan at gmail.com> wrote:

Sure, remember that you should not use GtkFixed under almost any

This is mantra but not necessarily true.? Fixed layout lowers that bar for
GUI development.? The success of Visual Basic screams that fixed layout is

Sure, after 5 years or so we get tired of going though all the details of
why its important to use resizable containers in GTK+.

Without getting into too many details, suffice it to say that GTK+ isnt
designed to work that way, and the GtkFixed and GtkLayout are just
very primitive implementations of a canvas (i.e. you will get better
results using coordinates + z coordinates in goocanvas or clutter
with a flying textures type environment).

GtkFixed is definitely not useful to you if you are
writing an application that is supposed to integrate into a desktop

This is mantra but not necessarily true.? It's a question of when to
experience the pain.

Its just a question of writing an application that will naturally run
on different resulotions with different system font sizes.

The pain is just part of GTK+, on the other hand it would be
really great if somebody cared enough to enhance the Glade
workspace to better manipulate resizable containers in more
intuitive and comprehensible ways.

With that in mind, just hold SHIFT key down in the workspace... or
push the Drag/Resize button

I'm in the process of changing part of a Dialog and I wanted to do some mock
ups.? This particular Dialog is created programmcially.? I tried using Glade
with the Fixed container and I found it too painful.? I guess I'll resort to
pen and paper.

In the past I've used Visual Studio and/or SharpDevelop to do a mock up but
I don't have access to Windows at the moment.

I put on the toolbar because the
SHIFT key was so undiscoverable.

Even the icon was undiscoverable to me because I've used Glade in the past.

I think that a perfect open source world would have a Lua (or Python)
development environment with a GUI builder that had a simple mode with all
the features of Visual Basic and an advanced mode with the beloved

Again, using GtkBox is just the way its done in GTK+, in a perfect world
the GTK+ plugin for Glade would offer great support for GtkBox manipulation,
and then the goocanvas or clutter plugin would obviously work with coordinates,
because the toolkits are coordinate based -- GTK+ is simply not
coordinate based.


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