[Glade-devel] Glade catalog problem

Hi everyone!

I've made a simple catalog for using webkit widget inside glade. I have
to define the get_type function for the widgets as the namespace for
webkit is WebKit which glade translates to web_kit when trying to
resolve the get_type funcion because of the capital letters. Nothing
wrong about it for now. I can make my interface without any problem. The
issue comes when I save the file and try to use it. The ui file (I'm
using GtkBuilder format) doesn't seem to have the type-func specified in
the webkit object so it also fails to resolve the get_type function when
gtk_builder_add_from_file is called. Writing it manually to the ui file
seems to solve the problem, so Should Glade make this automaticaly for
objects which define the get-type-function in the catalog file?

Cheers, I?igo.

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