[Glade-devel] More doubts

Hello people.

I've thrown a list of bugs to the bug tracker, I hope this is ok. And I
sincerely hope this is not some kind of error I am commiting here.
Just to be clear, I was using Glade 3.5.7, and libglade 2.6.2. I have
Glade in 'libglade' mode.

I just had another problem. I defined a window, with a vbox of 3 in it,
and then put 3 radiobuttons, one in each shelf of the vbox. I tried to
select radiobutton1 in the group of radiobutton2 (a dialog appears and
the selection can be made), but the selection doesn't appear in the
comboboxentry (in Properties), and both radiobuttons remain selected.
(inside glade).

In fact, there is no way I can get the radiobutton unselected. Not by
setting 'Active' to off, nor by grouping them. Should this work inside
Glade (it did in previous glades).


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