[Glade-devel] Using gtkmm DLL files instead of lib.


I've noticed that  the developement packages install some DLL and lib
files. But in the tutorials that teaches us to use gtkmm in VisualStudio
they dont refer the DLL in the property manager. Can  I use the DLL
instead of the LIB's? Are those libs created when the DLL are created or
the Libs and DLL are created separatelly.

I'm a novice in mather of DLL and lib, and I'm trying to develop my
GtkApp to be used by others (my project companions) in their
application. And i learned to use lib for that propose I've created
vspproj like gtkmm does, and all works fine. Because we are doing our
projects in VisualStudio2005 I'm interested to use DLL instead of libs.
How can I do?(I heave created a dll example and I use it in local cpp
using add referece, it works, but how can I reference it by vspproj).

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