[Glade-devel] [PATCH] GtkAssistant, GtkFrame, GtkExpander

On Wed, Jun 4, 2008 at 3:00 AM, Antti Kaijanm?ki <antti at kaijanmaki.net> wrote:
ti, 2008-06-03 kello 14:06 -0300, Tristan Van Berkom kirjoitti:
   Thankyou so much for taking the time to send us patches :)

For the assistant bug, I think there is one filed for it already, please look
at the buglist and attach your patch there:

are you refering to this bug?:
?[GtkAssistant (wizard) children are missing COMPLETE property]

No, I was not reffering to a bug ;-) just saying that from memory I
thought there already was one, so it would be better to just attach
it there, we usually handle bugs in bugzilla - its easier for me :)

It's different bug as it needs an oneliner in gtk+.xml.in . Is there a
good reason why the 'complete' property is explicitly disabled?:

Its a tough question that I havent got around to thinking what our
policy should be concerning that - thats why I havent answered it

The problem is that "complete" is a property that you would generally
set programaticaly, depending on something in the assistant page itself,
to show that that page is "currently complete", certainly doesnt fit
into what glade does.

As for the expander and frame children, the problem here is that GtkBuilder
uses a different name than libglade - your patch just throws the problem at
libglade instead - althrough it should be pretty easy to either get the core
to remember and recognize 2 names for child types (i.e. the builder name
and the libglade name), or perhaps special case these cases at save/load time
in the plugin.

I was under the impression that glade is moving to GtkBuilder and
libglade has become deprecated. Glade-3 from svn already saves projects
as GtkBuilder UI Definitions and libglade from svn does not understand
any of it, i.e. there is a problem with libglade already.

Glade trunk loads and saves files in libglade format with little or no
right now, it also supports conversions between the 2 formats and provides
error reports about which widgets/properties are supported in which
(see either the project->properties dialog or the format switch when saving).

Because gtkbuilder is preffered, it is the naturally the default
format for new projects.

Cheers and sincerely thanks for your support,

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