[Glade-devel] Missing icons 3.4.x, Linux build

On Jan 15, 2008 9:48 PM, <bkauler at goosee.com> wrote:

Do you have the hicolor icon theme installed ?

No, and I shouldn't have to. I am the lead developer for Puppy
Linux, which is a very small distro, about 80MB.
GTK has a set of icons builtin and all applications compiled for
the 2-3 years that Puppy has been in existence have been happy with
this. Even apps that startup and complain on stderr that the hicolor
theme is missing, still default to displaying the builtin icons.

Glade-3 is the only exception to the above. The only one.

The point here is that the icons that are "missing" are actually there,
installed by the 'make install' itself. For example, stderr has this:

(glade-3:17088): GladeUI-WARNING **: No icon named
'widget-gtk-printdialog' was found for widget class 'GtkPrintUnixDialog'.

But, there it is at

Why has the install placed the icons at that location, if it is then
to find them? Some applications have installed to
/usr/share/icons/hicolor, which is where the hicolor icons should be
located -- so why has 'make install' put them into a different place?

Anyway, I installed the skeleton 'hicolor-icon-theme-0.10', which just
installs the directory hierarchy, no actual icons, then I copied all the
icons from /usr/share/glade3/pixmaps/hicolor to /usr/share/icons/hicolor
and then glade-3 was able to find the icons.

So, I have managed to fix it, but its real weird where those icons got
installed, requiring a manual fix.

The standard is to use icon themes, installing the hicolor icon theme
is only a matter of creating a directory hierarchy, not installing the
icons of all misc apps that may also use the theme (it should not
require significant disk space to have the directory structure
installed, maybe it also comes with a small configuration file, I
dont remember).

This came up in the past, is was concluded that gtk+ should be
taking care that the hicolor theme is infact installed when gtk+
installs, otherwise we were proposing to have some kind of
dependancy to it from glade.

If gtk+ is still not requiring the hicolor theme then please
feel free to open a bug against gtk+ and link back to this
archived mailing list thread.

Thankyou for taking the time to raise the issue in public,
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