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On Jan 11, 2008 9:47 PM, Jonh Wendell <jwendell at gnome.org> wrote:

Hi, folks.

I'd like some help/direction on how to fix bug 498402 [1].
It's about strings like '<b>Enter a name for this connection</b>'.

These strings come from glade, and are marked for translation. I know i
should cut the html tags, but is there a way to do this without need of
coding? Can glade/intltools strip those marks away automagically?

There is an old debate I see you found here:

My personal preference here would be to support the
attributes property in glade, as proposed by Matthias.

Then the preffered way of setting markup would simply
be through a separate property. (the bug also mentions
certain conflicts when setting "attributes" & "use_underline"
and other auxiliary properties, these conflicts IMO should
be dealt with in gtklabel.c).


PS: Adding glade-devel to the CC list, hope thats ok.
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