[Glade-devel] Bug 522542 – glade-3 crashes when pressing Enter in signal handler entry field


Hi guys,

I've decided to try and fix a bug in glade3.
My knowledge of gtk / gnome / glade is - ahmmm... - very small.

Anyway, I've chosen bug 522542 (
http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=522542 ).
I successfully confirmed the bug using both trunk version, and the
current ubuntu 10.8 version.
After some playing around I discovered that commenting out two lines
seems to solve the problem.
More then that I can not do. I do not understand why or how this
solves (if it indeed solves) the problem.
Could anyone here find some time to guide me a little more, or look at
the patch I've uploaded and continue from there?


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