[Glade-devel] Glade 3.5.3 "Welcome to new Glade" released

Welcome to new Glade !

   I finally decided to release a taste of what I've been doing in
hiding all year,
its basically pretty much feature complete, minus GtkUIManager and GtkActions
(actions Im waiting on the gtk+ team to know how to proceed with them).

The most important things to say about this release is that with it, you can
take your libglade formated glade file, load it, convert it into
GtkBuilder format,
and use it, with the following exception: Gtk+ will not support native menu
hierarchies until 2.16 - which means that for a final stretch, were
still up in the
air with the menus.

THIS IS NOT STABLE SOFTWARE, that being said, I dont think there are
crashers, if there are, there wont be many, but please help me to find them so
we can make a stable release soon :)

We are also attempting something a little new, we are depending on gtk+ 2.14
and trying to let you target gtk+ 2.16 - bug reports around that area
would be great to track at this point.

What is Glade ?
Glade is a RAD tool to enable quick & easy development of user interfaces
for the Gtk+ toolkit and the GNOME desktop environment.
The user interfaces designed in Glade are stored in XML format,
enabling easy integration with external tools.
In particular libglade and GTK+'s new GtkBuilder can load the XML files and
create the interfaces at runtime. The DTD for the XML files is available at

Glade 3.5.3
        - Support for GtkIconFactory
        - Support for GtkAccelGroup
        - Support for GtkSizeGroup
        - Support for GtkListStore/GtkTreeStore (some code by Juan Pablo Ugarte)
        - Support for GtkTreeViewColumn, GtkTreeView, GtkIconView and
GtkComboBox as GtkCellLayout.
        - Support for GtkCellRenderer derivatives
        - GtkBuilder support for GtkMenu hierarchies
        - New all in one treeview editor, for treeviews combo boxes and icon views
        - Properties and widgets now show warnings in the editor when they
have mismatched versions
        - Palette items are insensitive when widgets are unavailable and show
warnings when they are deprecated.
        - Text wrapping in property labels (Pavel Kostyuchenko)
        - Editor widget beefed up with icon and class header.
        - Simplified accelerator editor
        - Save window pane positions in session (Juan Pablo Ugarte)
        - New pango attributes editor for GtkLabel:attributes
        - All widgets/properties in glade files are now saved in the same order
          (GtkTable part: bug 422823 - Pavel Kostyuchenko, and bug 422823)
        - Fixed core to permit working with non GtkWindow toplevel
objects/widgets (bug 532636 - Pavel Kostyuchenko)
        - Palette now allows doc searches
        - Notebooks switch pages to display the selected widget
        - Added undoable project conversion routines implemented by catalog plugins
        - Object selection dialogs can now create widgets when a type is
specified by the catalog
        - Support GtkBuilder "context" attribute for i18n data (translatable
        - Support for naming your widgets unique across the project or unique
across toplevels.
        - Now you can add menus inline inside the toolbar editor.
        - No more copying resource files around, now you can set your local
resource path in
          project preferences and use relative/fullpaths in resource
properties (i.e. GdkPixbuf properties
          and the like).
        - No more context help mode with buttons, you can get property level
help (and clear value) with a context menu
        - Optimized load routine significantly.
        - Added GladeEditable interface to layout custom pages for property
editors, implemented many
          custom editor layouts.
        - Now you can edit widgets separately from the rest of the project
        - menu/toolbar/treeview editor no longer a modal dialog.
        - Added <search widgets> entry with completion/filter to the inspector widget.
        - Added most of the new needed icons (Mike Gratton - bug 561979, Juan
Pablo Ugarte).
        - Simplified and improved stock-id properties to allow use of custom
icons from factories.
        - Fixed input dialog crasher (Juan Pablo Ugarte - bug 543314)
        - Commands now collapse to nothing - Pavel Kostyuchenko
        - Fixed boxed value comparisons by way of comparing unique strings
          from the plugin (Juan Pablo Ugarte - bug 528511)
        - Fixed project modified state flag glitches (Pavel Kostyuchenko - bug 532017).
        - Prevent hangs in anjuta (Pavel Kostyuchenko - bug 531585).
        - Fixed boldness/italicness in varios treeviews
        - Objects and resource property fields are updated correctly (bug
542335 - fix by Pavel Kostyuchenko)
        - Update loaded assistant pages properly (bug 540531 - fix by Antti Kaijanm?ki)
        - Silently ignore unrecognized signals in glade file instead of aborting
          (bug 533728 - fix by Pavel Kostyuchenko)
        - Worked around special child type naming discrepencies between
formats from the plugin side
          (bug 533217 - fix by Pavel Kostyuchenko)
        - response-id now only available for buttons that are in the action
area of dialogs (bug 464502)
        - Fixed displayable values (bug 556452), now they are available in
the plugin too.
        - Misc bugfixed by Richard Hult, Andreas Henriksson, Vincent Geddes,
Claude Paroz, Pavel Kostyuchenko,
          Eli Collins, Christian Persch, Theppitak Karoonboonyanan, Kjartan
Maraas, Michael Gratton and me.

Where can I get it ?

For more information consult our home page at http://glade.gnome.org/

With that, I hope you never write a treeview by hand again !

thankyou very much and enjoy,
 - The Glade team

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