[Glade-devel] Glade 3 - translations & ui/string change announcements

Ok 2 things to announce,

  - gnome-2-18 branch closed, not planning on making any more 
    glade 3.2.x releases, that means translators please go back
    to translating trunk for now.

  - Today we made a user visible change, the view menu now has
    "Dock Palette", "Dock Editor", "Dock Inspector" toggle menuitems
    (which have the predictable consequence of docking/undocking those
    tools from the main glade window).

Question: At this point, should I overwrite glade3-trunk/po/*.po with
glade3-gnome-2-18/po/*.po ?

is there a standard merging proceedure or do I leave all that up to
the translation teams when moving across branches ?


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