[Glade-devel] Glade 3.1.5 still losing icons on MenuItems

I just got a chance to try out Glade 3.1.5 (was using 3.1.4) and while my
initial impression is that it's a good improvement over 3.1.4, the same bug
that was haunting me then is still happening now.

This is that when you assign a non-stock MenuItem a stock icon, the icon is
lost when saving.

For the record, I'm running on a fairly stock Ubuntu 6.10 i386, and this
problem has occurred with Glade 3.1 built both from Debian & Ubuntu's
source, and also clean tarballs from your site.

Here are the steps to reproduce the bug, I'd appreciate it if some of you
could try this and see if it affects you as well.

1. Open Glade 3.1 and start a new project
2. Add a Window to your project, and then add a vbox into it
3. Add a Menu Bar into the vbox
4. Select the Menu Bar, then click the "Edit" button to edit the menus
5. Add a Child Item in one of the menus, and set it's type to "Image"
6. Leave "Edit Type" as Stock and choose a Stock Image for your new menu
7. Close the Menu Bar Editor
8. Click on the menus in the window.  You will see your menu item along with
9. Save the .glade file and exit Glade
10. Reopen the same .glade file.
11. Select the window
12. Click on the menus again, the Menu Item is still there, but it has lost
it's icon.

I've attached a screenshot.

I don't know if this is a known bug or not, but it's been annoying me for
some time now.  If it's not documented somewhere, just point me in the right
direction and I'll file a bug report or whatever it takes to get this
fixed.  I know I can use the more stable 3.0.x release, but the 3.1.x is
leaps and bounds ahead of it in terms of usability for me.  Keep up the
great work

Zach Tibbitts - zach at collegegeek.org
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