[Glade-devel] glade 3.1.4 - a bug, an error and a feature request

I'll start with the bug - when setting a vbox/hbox initial size to 0,
Glade crashes.
One way to prevent it is to set the possible values in the spin box 1
and above. The other way (preferred by me) is to let the user set the
size to 0 and display the box as a blank unallocable space (as in fill
property when packing widgets to a box.

A simple designer error - gtk.Expander interface is not complete. It has
name, type and stuff, but it lacks label! I'm not sure whether it's
repaired in the newer versions or not, but it's kind of an inconvenience.

Now to the feature request - I don't know whether t is possble according
to .glade specification, but I would be glad if it was possible to
design just widget groups, not windows. Just an example: it would be
nice to be able to create a box of not-predefined (maybe variable?) size
and pack a few widget groups from one .glade file into it (more specific
example would be packing different files' statistics using a .glade
template into the box).

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