[Glade-devel] 2 quick questions

2007/8/1, rahed <raherh at gmail.com>:

"Olivier Delhomme" <olivierdelhomme at gmail.com> writes:

Glade-3 for windows does compile and run as well as
glade-3 for linux ! If you need a windows devel environment
look for mingw and msys[1] and tor's binaries [2] and some
usefull GTK and glade for windows sutff [3] .

[2],[3] - Can't see any glade-3 binaries except 3.0.2 which has many

Ok, but they may help in setting up a GNU Linux like development
environment under windows.

I tried to compile with mingw ending with some unresolved dependencies.
Don't remember now exactly but some library required Python which should
have been compiled with mingw and that was impossible.

I do not have python neither. When configure ends it turns off all the
python stuff I guess (as the summary says "python .... no").
Then make && make install works fine. Haven't you find the libraries
you need in [2]. Please could you provide more details about the
offending library ?

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