[Glade-devel] Adding widgets to the palette with glade 3

Attached you'll find the catalog (not updated) for GnomeDb.

If your widgets use the GObject expose properties that can be manipulated
using g_object_set_property or g_object_get_property, then your work with
Glade3 is just add that catalog to the Glade3 corresponding directory and
create an init function that will register your wigets in the case of
gnomedb is gnome_db_init. To know more about the Glade3 catalog consutl the

2006/9/20, Frank Vielma <frankvielma at gmail.com>:


I  want to add new widgets to the Glade3 palette.

I did some test with catalog's files in /usr/local/share/glade3/catalogs/
(for example I modified canvas.xml) and  pixmaps folder.

My question is, how can I can to create a new catalog with my self widgets

There is a tool  to create Gtk+ widgets (http://gwf.sourceforge.net/). Can
I to use it with Glade3?

Where can I found simple examples for it?

Thanks in advance,


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