[Glade-devel] Problems running glade

On Tuesday 22 August 2006 18:11, Daniel Benamy wrote:

I did some more investigating of the delay problem. If the glade file has a
GtkFileChooseButton, when glade loads the file it asks me for my ssh key
password if I haven't added it to my agent with ssh-add. Then it delays,
regardless of whether it was in my agent, wasn't and I entered it, or
wasn't and I cancelled the dialog. I cleaned out all sftp entries from
~/.recently-used and that didn't help. I also tried creating a key pair on
my second account (where it works) and sftping from the gnome run dialog
(using password only) and it kept working. Any ideas as to what the problem
could be or what to try next?

I tracked it down. It was a line in ~/.gtk-bookmarks that referenced a no 
longer accessible server via sftp. I guess when glade loads a file chooser it 
tries to connect to all the servers or something? If there's an invalid host 
it's ok, but if the host is valid but points to an ip address that doesn't 
exist or there's an non-existing ip address there, I get the massive delays. 
Anyone wanna try to verify this?

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