[Glade-devel] Adding widgets to the palette

On Mon, 2006-05-08 at 15:07 -0700, Jeff Westerinen wrote:
I want to add widgets to the Glade palette.  I have read through the
postings and found a couple in this subject, but very little
discussion followed.  My main question is whether there is some set of
APIs to do this or if there is some configuration, i.e. some set of
files, to modify.  If it is the case that I simply must alter the
source code, then so be it.  I was just hoping that someone would know
one way or the other.  Any insight would be helpful.

For glade-2 you have to alter the source code.
There's a tools/mkskel.pl script to create a skeleton file to support a new widget.

It also tells you a few things you need to add to get it working (like
adding it to glade_gtk12lib.c to put it in the palette).

If your widgets are nicely written and use object properties for
configuration it is pretty easy to add support in Glade (an hour or two
each). But if they are complex containers or don't use object properties
it can be very difficult.


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