[Glade-devel] Another Patch

On 3/15/06, Vincent Geddes <vgeddes metroweb co za> wrote:

Hello, I have created another patch.

* Reimplemented code for management of projects list menu.
  - is now a bit simpler and fixes a few issues.
* Projects with unsaved changes have a '*' prepended to their names.
* Refresh window title when all projects have been closed.

This patch is somewhat big and involved, but I have tested it well.
Please contact me with any feedback or problems.

Looks good; I'm glad to replace the clunky code that deals with
radio menu items :)

I reverted to the previous behaviour and printed the project's path
in the statusbar... since its important that we have some indication
of the project's path when selecting it (the instance count is usefull
as an indicator but all-in-all meaningless)

I also tweaked the code a bit to make the menu nicer with unsaved
changes (i.e. now the text alignes).

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