[Glade-devel] Glade-3 going into feature freeze

Jeff Westerinen wrote:

I'm officially speaking up ;-)  I'm not sure if these are missing
features or bugs.

Great... thanks for bringing these things up :)

o When you bring up the context menu of an item in a table in Glade 2
you can add/delete rows/columns to the table. This feature seems to be
missing in Glade 3.

Well this one is a little fringe and I want to postpone it.

Basicly this feature demands that the plugin backend be allowed
to add widget specific options to the palette, so yes please bugzilla it.

o Only able to "Paste" one copy of any widget. The second Paste says
there is nothing copied.

Ok thats fair :)

Please file a bug.

o Pasting a widget does not paste the packing options (at least not the
y_options) from the copy.

This one might be a little complex... heres a little outline:
   a pasted widget in glade3 is assigned the packing properties from the
placeholder that was replaced by the pasted widget... if any 
placeholders apply. 

If an object is pasted as a child of another object, via the widget tree 
for example;
the parent object will assign it the default packing props (if 
appropriate, a
placeholder will be  searched in the parenting container to perform the 
for the sake of getting good packing properties).

Its a good feature to have, I dont think we should consider it a blocker 

Please file a bug for this one too.


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