[Glade-devel] Request For Comments: a proposal for an alternative to libglade

Well... I agree with tristan.

Gtk+ is a desktop ToolKit so you definitely have to do some tweaking to
make it fit better on an embed system.

For example, I would disable deprecated widgets (i guess you aren't
using any of them) and every other widget I would not use.
Strip most of pixbuf loaders and leave the ones that fits me better (png
for lossless and jpg for lossy)
That would freed a couple of Kb :)

Also.. take a look at "Memory Slices" (since glib 2.10)
Its way more memory efficient now.
And that is why its always better to use the latest version :D

About glade files:
Have you tried GtkBuilder?
What about code generation?
I know is not the preferred solution for the desktop but it might make
sense for en embed platform


Juan Pablo

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