[Glade-devel] Request For Comments: a proposal for an alternative to libglade

Jeff Westerinen wrote:

   Please respond with any comments, questions, or concerns, as well as
ideas of what other forums would be appropriate to which to send this


Hi Jeff,
    I think that the big picture for gnome right now regarding glade
file backends is the builder code that is going into gtk+ 2.12 release 

So I would strongly urge you to propose these ideas in 
gtk-devel-list at gnome.org,
and maybe rethink the stratagy, remember that the gtk+ builder code will
not require libxml2 and will do the parse in a single pass using GMarkup 
is already packaged in glib.

I know you have concerns and issues about upgrading passed gtk+-2.6, I think
that the efforts should be going into improving cairo performance and the
gtk builder feature set, not yet another gui builder backend.

Just my 2 cents


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