[Glade-devel] Low Hanging Fruit ?

vgeddes metroweb co za wrote:
Hi y'all

I would like to help out with Glade. Is there any kind of `Low Hanging Fruit'
I can help out with.

I do not have much experience with GType/GObject, so I would prefer not to
delve too heavily into Glade's core. I would prefer to work on user
interface functionality.

Naming a few minor tasks on the stack:

Some build-system headaches I have here: 157988, 304766, 318229

The "recent-projects" support has issues in regards with error
handling and reporting when saving the glade cache: 310141

The palette needs some work: 311827
(it'd be nice if we could have a "view" menu in the glade toolbar,
and one option could be to view the palette "as list" or "as palette").
(there are also some future plans I have for the palette that we could

consult the buglist and feel free to be daring,
if you need me to I'll coach you most of the way via email/irc ;-)



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