[Glade-devel] Misc Fixes

2006-02-28  Juan Pablo Ugarte <juanpablougarte gmail com>

        * src/glade-gtk.c:
          o GtkBox loading issues fixed.

          o glade_gtk_dialog_get_internal_children () need not to
          include action_area because it is already inside vbox.

          o Removed unused code from: glade_gtk_table_has_child and

          o Added glade_gtk_combo_box_set_active,
            glade_gtk_combo_box_set_column_span_column and
            glade_gtk_combo_box_set_row_span_column functions.

        * src/glade-widget.c:
          o Ignore properties properly when creating the object.
            (glade_widget_params_from_widget_info and 
            glade_widget_build_object functions)

          o Use the introspected default value for properties when
            loading a project. glade_widget_properties_from_widget_info

        * widgets/gtk+.xml.in: Avoid warnings.
          o Ignore GtkWidget has-default property.

          o Added GtkComboBox set-function for active,
            column-span-column and row-span-column properties.

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